Alice Herring

Alice Herring is a North Carolina native, albeit eastern North Carolina. She moved to Waynesville after her retirement in 2013. She enjoys nature through gardening, hiking, walking, and bird watching.  Glances of the majestic mountains, roaring streams, clear lakes, blue and cloudy skies, and the rich artistic community in Western North Carolina inspire her art […]

Wanda Ann Kinnaman

The open spaces and quiet places of nature best describe the inspiration behind my encaustic mixed media work that seeks to make connections between humankind and the environment through the exploration of spaces and places. My creativity is motivated to seek and reflect upon the discoveries of solitude and healing I find in my journeys. […]

Char Avrunin

“He guides my brush as well as my life.”Char Avrunin is an award-winning artist who follows her Creator in developing oil portraits on canvas and flame painting on copper. Working out of Waynesville, NC, her work can be found in corporate and private collections. Char has a Masters in Educational Communications, 5-year Bachelors in Visual […]

Karen Stockwell

As a quilter, years ago I began embellishing my smaller works with beads and ephemera. That led to making bead embroidered jewelry, where beads and stones are sewn on by hand.  The colors and textures of textiles and stones intrigue me.  Inspiration is found all around, in nature, in music, in the play of sunlight […]

Carol Roden

My fascination with glass began decades ago with my grandmother’s cookie tin full of marbles, and it continues today as I use heat to fuse and shape various forms of glass into beautiful and functional objects! The unique properties and color intensity of glass give me the creative opportunity to indulge the constant inspiration of […]

Donna M. Mankus

When I paint there are no distractions. I am in a state of intense concentration on the present which gives me a sense of timelessness. While painting there is nothing for me but the views, canvas, paint, and the brushes in front of me. I offer here my paintings that come from my love and […]

Hannah Burnisky

Hannah Burnisky creates woodland-inspired ceramic wares as the artist of Cold Mountain Ceramics. Hannah has lived in the Asheville area her whole life and moved to Canton in 2017 with her family. She finds endless inspiration in these Blue Ridge Mountains and is excited to be sharing space with other talented local artists at Cold […]

John P. Nelson

John Nelson has been the owner of Viking Stained Glass for over 25 years, creating leaded stained glass for over 30 years. He first learned and fell in love with the trade at a commercial stained-glass studio. After working there for five years, he eventually formed his own company in Charlotte, NC. John has created […]

Pamela Winn

I began my art hobby 35 years ago in oil painting in Atlanta GA.  When moving to Florida in 1994, watercolor was the popular medium, so I had to switch. In 2008, I took my first silk coloring/dyeing class, and I was hooked.  I was only able to work on my craft during the weekend, […]

Joyce Schlapkohl

Joyce describes her style as painterly realism in oil. She strives for clear color, a strong focal point, and a good design. “Living in Western N. C. provides all the subject matter one could ever desire. We are surrounded by our beautiful natural world.”  She paints the landscape, flowers, animals, still life, and any subject […]

Madelaine Hairrell

With a career in graphic art, telling a story with words and images has always compelled me to communicate visually. Starting out early on with a hands-on drawing approach and experiencing the changes of technology on my graphics work through the years has been exciting but has also made me hunger for handmade work again.  […]

Charles Paine III

My work explores romantic love through tradition, religion, or landscapes. I particularly enjoy capturing celebratory moments from different cultures. As a Unitarian, I love to meet different people from across the world. I have lots of foreign friends, some of whom posed for the oil paintings in this gallery. I find people from different cultures […]

Craig Escude

Glass offers colors, depth, translucence and fluidity that speak to me and help me speak to others. I have worked with glass since 2001 creating pieces with a balanced asymmetry that are meant to capture both the eye and the heart. Using stained glass or fused glass techniques, I seek to compose pieces that invite […]

Michele Escude

M. Escude

While connecting with the glistening light on a body of water or on a mountainlandscape patiently waiting for the colors of a sunset, I realized my deep desire to interpret these moments through my art. Having been raised in New Orleans, I developed a love for art in all of its forms. Because of that […]

Lauren A. Medford

My work addresses the aesthetics of flamboyance, glamour, and attitude to express the “camp” sensibilities in popular culture. These concepts are explored through the selection of subject matter that underscores the campiness in popular culture and everyday life. Reoccurring themes in my work include camp, color, excess, flamboyance, and mock-glamour. 

Christina Bendo

Christina Bendo grew up helping her parents grow food in the rich red clay soil of Virginia.  It seems a natural progression that she now works in a craft that uses the same raw materials needed to grow food to make objects used to serve it.  After earning her B.A. at the University of Mary […]

Rachel David

Rachel David, raised in Maryland resident of Waynesville NC, is a blacksmith, sculptor, designer, and maker.  Her metalwork practice is holistic; encompassing art, furniture, architectural elements, activism, collaborations, and gardening.  The work focuses on social and environmental justice, community, and communication; analyzing the many layers of colonization, restraints, and expectations across bodies and landscapes.  Iron is […]

Richard Hills

Rick Hills was educated at the University of Florida where he graduated with a degree in Art and Design.  Mr. Hills gained an understanding of the impact well-crafted artwork could have on the preservation and appreciation of the earth. In the 1980s and 1990s, Rick traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada exploring and painting the Great […]

Mojo Stained Glass

John & Lisa Townsend MoJo Stained Glass is created by Mom (Lisa) and John Townsend who started their craft as a couple who had a love of the art but never envisioned that they could ever create it.  After taking classes from a local artist in Montevallo, Alabama this husband and wife team began creating original […]

Cheryl Summey

To be creative stirs the soul and evokes passions buried deep within an artist! Being a silversmith and living within the majestic Smoky Mountains while connected to the Blue Ridge Parkway imprints the beauty of nature on my heart. Taking a piece of sterling silver sheet metal and manipulating it to create a unique and […]

Emily Reason

“I experience an elemental satisfaction when working with my hands; manipulating and mastering a material and technique through repetition and problem-solving. In this way, I am deeply connected to craft. I see craft as a discipline, a history to draw from and set of parameters to push. It is an ideal of beauty that I […]

Tina Honerkamp

Tina Honerkamp is a full-time oil painter with a background in illustration and design. Tina specializes in capturing light and shadow in creation, focusing mostly on florals, trees, and animals. She was featured in American Women Artists 2018 Online Show, she exhibited in the 2018 Oil Painters of America Salon Show and, currently, she is […]

Jan Kolenda

I am a clay artist who works with highly decorated functional and sculptural ceramics and large-scale relief ceramic tile murals. The continuing theme and direction for my work has always been the subject of nature. As a child, the beauty of the natural world captivated me. Plants and animals were the focus of my daily […]

Bonnie Calhoun

I have done many craft and art work in my life but never drawing or painting.  My serious interest started in the fall of 2017 when I learned about the medium alcohol ink.  I jumped in with a starter kit and now have become a serious student of alcohol ink art and am constantly learning, […]

Ilene Kay

I work in Argentium Silver, Gold, heat colored Titanium and Copper sheet and wire to create Art Jewelry using traditional fabrication metalsmithing techniques. I saw, texture, hammer, and form the metal with hand tools. Sinusoidal stakes and hammers are used to create the organic feel and form of the jewelry. The directness of forging metal […]

Cayce Moyer

Cayce Moyer Creations is a one-woman show. I am a classically trained visual artist. Originally from Miami, FL, I have been immersed in the arts since a young age – later graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia with a BFA in Painting and BCA in Sequential Art, Cum Laude. Eight years […]

Gretchen Clasby

I’m Gretchen Clasby and I’m blessed to have been a full-time professional artist since 1967.  A little over 2 years ago I painted my first Sunrise over the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  I believe that painting ushered in my “Light Period,” just in time for this Corvid 19 pandemic. My goal is to remember light dispels darkness.   Step into […]

Nina Howard

Painting - Haywood County Arts Council

Nina Howard has been called a Renaissance Woman by her peers and friends and has painted hundreds of paintings since her art career began in New York City, after graduating top of her class in Interior Design from Fashion Institute of Technology. In 1982 she received her first commission for Merrill Lynch’s offices in Manhattan […]

Mary Decker

Born in the mountains of Pennsylvania, I developed a love of Nature and a familiarity with plants that is reflected in my paintings. If I am not hiking through the mountains or surrounded by the flowers in my own garden, then the next best place to be is in my studio painting them.  Here in […]

Jennifer Sharkey

My subject matter is the mandala. I paint mandalas because they symbolize unity and represent our universe by mimicking the circle of life. I get much of my inspiration from nature and from the study of Cymatics (the intricate wave pattern that forms in water when sound frequencies are applied). Geometric Dotillism is my preferred […]

Debbie Skelly

I am actually a gourd artist that fell in love with doing jewelry. Metalsmithing has always intrigued me, so when a class was offered at Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC a couple of years ago, I signed up and have been doing metalsmithing ever since. I am mostly self-taught but I have taken classes […]

Mike McKinney

Mike McKinney is a fourth-generation woodworker who had an opportunity to work in the shop with both his dad and granddaddy. His granddaddy, Paul, was his most impressive hero and was very pleased when Mike was with him in the shop. “Granddaddy made me a workbench from an old wooden crate, he attached a V-block […]

Susan Remi Dawkins

Although I paint realistically, the goal of my painting is never realism for its own sake. The subject, whether a landscape, a bird, or a pretty girl, is a vehicle to help me express my love for light, color, form, and the medium itself. I live for what Burt Silverman calls “the miracle that turns […]

Patty Coulter

Although I am versed in many techniques and art processes through my experience as a high school art teacher, I have recently begun to explore colored pencils. I enjoy the challenge of depicting line, form, and value not only through the technique of drawing, my favorite form of expression but with the added challenge of […]

Gayle Haynie

Gayle grew up in Michigan, but moved to the South in 1999, splitting her time between Florida and Georgia, before relocating to Western North Carolina in 2012. Gayle has always been involved in the arts, but when she discovered glass in 1990 a whole new world opened up for her. A world of color and […]

Jerry Stuart

My work is acrylic on canvas reflecting the great surroundings in Western North Carolina.   From mountains, landscapes, cows and dogs captured in photos for information and composition.   Impressionistic style capturing the moment.  Color pallet reflects the natural look of the environment we live in creating an experience or a place visited. It all […]

Becki Kollat

I have always loved books, art journals and miniatures.  After majoring in Graphic Arts at the University of Akron, in Ohio, I became a freelance artist working in various mediums.   As I’ve studied and created art throughout my life, it has carried me in many different directions and finally led me to creating one-of-a-kind journals, and […]

Kaaren Stoner

I spent a year in Sweden in 1963 studying at a small school north of Stockholm. That year changed the direction of my life. I had the opportunity to do some handweaving and also touched clay for the first time I can remember. Five years later while traveling in Europe, I went to see an […]

Jason Woodard

Drawing is a continuation of the philosophical inquiry that has shaped my life for more than 20 years. I have a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in English, but I have found that the act of drawing has expanded my ability to: investigate the nature of reality, attempt to make sense of that reality, […]

Marnie Brooks

I am fascinated by our world from macro and micro perspectives. My photography and award-winning haiga (haiku/photography) are reproduced on metal, glass, acrylic, wood, stone, and canvas in various sizes. As a Reiki Master, I also create meditation pieces (3×5 to 8×10) with themes to aid in relaxation and inspiration.

Barbara Brook

Barbara Brook Fine Painter - Rose Royale

I enjoy the challenge of trying to control the medium. of watercolor. I love the luminosity that transparent paint can produce. To achieve that glowing effect, numerous layers of paint are applied called “glazing.” My painting are inspired by photos that I have taken. Whether from nature, doors, and windows on old buildings, intriguing faces, […]