Wanda Ann Kinnaman

The open spaces and quiet places of nature best describe the inspiration behind my encaustic mixed media work that seeks to make connections between humankind and the environment through the exploration of spaces and places. My creativity is motivated to seek and reflect upon the discoveries of solitude and healing I find in my journeys.

The natural subject matter is absorbed, contemplated,  and collected through photography and sketches that are observed from hiking and traveling to the lesser-known quiet places and open spaces I come across.

In the studio, I reimagine my observations, sketches, and collections into digital composites and paintings that dance a finely tuned balance transforming my digital creations with the ancient media of encaustic (beeswax) working with hand-painted layers of wax, oil pigments, and other media such as copper leafing to cocoon and transform the work with elements of dream-like qualities and layers of textured meanings that are unreproducible.

As I explore these concepts, I share both my experiences and findings with others to see beyond realism to learn new ways of seeing life with eyes that look deeper and seek to make connections to the created world through memory and mystery of the places found on the roads less traveled along with those so familiar they are overlooked.