Artist of the Month: Letha B. Eller

After retiring from teaching and relocating to Maggie Valley from Savannah in 2019, I’ve fully embraced the worlds of drawing, painting, and pottery. The mountains here offer endless inspiration and beauty at every turn! Learning from talented artists in the area, I’ve been exploring various mediums and honing my skills. I particularly enjoy working with graphite for its precision and attention to detail, while watercolor presents a delightful contrast, urging me to surrender control and let the paint guide me. Having the freedom now to create and fulfill my artistic potential is immensely fulfilling.

My recent passion has centered around the Hennamals I’ve created, which are a vibrant fusion of watercolor animals with ink designs which are inspired by henna tattoos. To me, these animals exude a light-hearted charm, filled with vivid colors and an unmistakable uniqueness. I find myself captivated by the way the watercolors blend and merge, and adding the details puts me in a serene, meditative state. It’s my sincere hope that the happiness I experience while crafting each one shines through, bringing a smile to the face of all who encounter them. 

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