Artist of the Month: Maria Davis

Born and raised near Munich, Germany, I fell in love with the people and mountains of Western North Carolina many years ago. A dairy barn in Canton, which was built by the great-grandfather of my husband, houses my art studio. Its beauty and history inspire me to be creative, but also to stay grounded.

The rugged mountains and beautiful nature, the stunning wildflowers and colorful butterflies inspire me to get my sketchbook out. Rather than copying nature or a flower bouquet that is in front of me, I focus on some unique shapes and details and make them my own.

My emotions guide my choice of subject, color, and form. My works are often not planned out; they are created in the moment. I paint what I feel, in an abstract expressionist style, and hope my art will touch viewers.

My favorite medium is soft pastel. I love the vibrancy of the colors and the directness of being able to apply pigment directly to a surface, rather than using a paintbrush.

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