Retail Gallery

2023 Haywood Handmade Retail Artists:

Call for work for New 2025 Retail Artists will occur in September of 2024

Retail Gallery Protocols

Please read all the Retail Gallery Protocols below BEFORE submitting an application! 

The goal of the Haywood County Arts Council Haywood Handmade Gallery is to promote HCAC artist members’ handmade work. Please review carefully!


  • Only artist members may apply for the retail gallery. This requirement is exempt for specially curated exhibits only. To learn more about Artist Memberships click here.
  • All artists must live in the Western North Carolina Mountain Region, which includes the following North Carolina counties highlighted on the map at the bottom of this page
  • Artists will exhibit work in the retail section of the gallery for two years. Then, the artist will fall off or re-apply.  

Jury & Fees:

  • $20 non-refundable application fee applies
  • A selection committee composed of professionals outside of HCAC artist members, staff, and/or members of the board vote and select artists.


HCAC reserves the right to refuse any work they deem unacceptable.

  • Artwork Policies: All submitted artwork must meet the HCAC gallery policies, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Including but not limited to:
    • Please ensure all work is appropriate for all ages.
    • Demonstrates creativity, originality, and excellence in design
    • Work is saleable and for sale
    • Each piece is individually made by the artist
    • Each piece must have been made within the last five years.
    • Each piece is capable of maintaining its structural integrity over time
  • Sales: HCAC will collect and pay sales tax and handle all sales. HCAC will retain a commission of 30%, with the 70% balance paid to the artist by check by the end of the month following the sale.
  • Insurance: HCAC staff or trained volunteers will handle all artwork with extreme care but cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of artwork. Artists are strongly encouraged to insure their artwork and package it appropriately.
  • Volunteer in the Gallery: Retail artists are required to volunteer in gallery at least one time a month or twelve times per year or be in good standing as a current retail artist whose term is expiring.
  • Displays: Retail artists may be asked to provide displays.
  • Inventory: Each retail artist is responsible for entering in new inventory via Google Sheets. Artists must bring in inventory upon request as soon as they are able and follow the proper producers outlined by the Art & Gallery Manager. 
  • New Inventory in a Different Medium: If the artist would like to enter a different medium or type of product that differs from the work that was juried in. A sample must be brought in and a vote by the Gallery Committee will determine if the product may be included in retail. Again, HCAC reserves the right to refuse any work they deem unacceptable.

Installation Ready:

Two Dimensional, Wall Hanging Pieces:

  • Frames, mats, acrylic, backing and writing must be high quality, clean, neat, and secure.
  • Ability to hang piece such as wire, clasp or for quilts, a bar or rod of some kind that can adhered to the wall is provided.
  • Sides of unframed canvas’ must be finished.

Three Dimensional, Jewelry, Sculptures and Pottery:

  • All work must have a stable, neat, and secure way to stand on its own accord.
  • Fragile work and jewelry must come with appropriate packaging materials.

Card Requirements:

  • Cards may be prints of any kind as long as they are made from an original artwork. 
  • Cards must be presented in a plastic sleeve.
  • Found objects, such as items premade out of fiber, ceramics, glass or metal are allowed as long as the embellishment is hand applied. 

Print Requirements:

  • Hand, Digital, and Embellished prints are allowed. 
  • Giclee prints are allowed in the retail gallery only.  
  • Inkjet, and Edition prints are not allowed in retail or exhibits. 
  • Prints must have a back board and plastic sleeve.

Commercially Printed Items:

Notice: Commercially printed items other than illustrated books, prints, and cards from handmade artworks are not allowed in retail or exhibits.

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Helpful Links & How-To's

Step-by-Step Process Guide:

  • New Stock Step-by-step: HERE is a step-by-step guide of the entire process which includes: creating your inventory list, labeling your inventory, and dropping off your inventory off at HCAC.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Inventory Entry:

The retail artist enters the information into a form for exhibits and a spreadsheet for retail inventory. HCAC generates a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) for each artist via email. 

Contact: Any questions regarding the gallery should be directed to