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Waynesville PD, Stars & Stripes & City Streets
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UPDATE: Canton Businesses!

Thanks to funding from the Cruso Endowment, HCAC is able to provide an additional three  32 x 32 quilt blocks for FREE to an additional three businesses located in downtown Canton, within walking distance of Main Street. Sign up now to get your free quilt block while there is space available! 

Gillespie Rifle

"The Gillespie Rifle quilt block was designed to honor the gun-making heritage of my ancestors in Western North Carolina. The Gillespie Rifles were known to be very accurate and well-made. They were popular with early settlers of the region for hunting as well as protection. The quilt block design features multiple rifles in a spiral to replicate the rifling of a gun barrel."

The NC Star

“Quilts represent a much-loved symbol of comfort, family, heritage, and community, we chose these two patterns because our heart is in North Carolina, “The NC Star” and we are a little bit of Americana,” “Red, White, and Blue”

Traditional vs. Modern Quilt Block Designs

Traditional block designs are modeled after historic blocks. Whereas modern designs do not resemble traditional blocks, but must look like actual quilt blocks, something a quilter could actually piece and sew together. See examples below:

Traditional Quilt Block Design

Haywood Regional Medical Center

Traditional Quilt Block Design

Southern Porch at The Imperial, Bayleaf

Modern Quilt Block Design

WNC Social Media Buzz

Modern Quilt Block Design

Old Fort Outdoors

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