Cheryl Summey

To be creative stirs the soul and evokes passions buried deep within an artist!

Being a silversmith and living within the majestic Smoky Mountains while connected to the Blue Ridge Parkway imprints the beauty of nature on my heart. Taking a piece of sterling silver sheet metal and manipulating it to create a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry is rewarding. The techniques of hand fabrication, imprinting or hand stamping designs, and soldering elements commences to form the vision. The stones I use speak to me and are an insight into the design process. The backplate and shape of the piece begins to form and added elements come into focus. It all combines to transform my world into art. The inspiration when I look at the high ridge tops, rolling hills and the deep gentle valleys creates a wonderful experience of piece. Another aspect of inspiration is my Native American heritage and the southwestern design techniques. A handmade piece of art captures a piece of the artist’s soul within it. Each person who feels the desire and is drawn to the piece connects to the artist by the emotion it evokes. This is why I love to design and create jewelry for the enjoyment of others.