Michele Escude

While connecting with the glistening light on a body of water or on a mountain
landscape patiently waiting for the colors of a sunset, I realized my deep desire to interpret these moments through my art. Having been raised in New Orleans, I developed a love for art in all of its forms. Because of that love, I owned and operated a retail gallery of artisan-made items. Being surrounded daily by all things artisan-made, there was an apparent energy that I and others noticed in the space; an energy that I would explain as the artists’ soul being felt. As the years passed, my desire to pursue and share that same energy through my own art grew stronger. This journey of creating has been enhanced by both formal silversmithing classes and lessons learned from nature taking notice of its intricacies of texture and color. I design and create Earthy Modern by ME pieces in our North Carolina mountain studio located in Haywood County. My approachable and modern style complements, not dominates or distracts from, the beautiful soul that wears or uses my art.

Simple, earthy- modern PEACE is what I share.