Wings at Haywood Made

Sheri Friedman

April 20: High School Artists Haywood Made Exhibit

Artist Eligibility: Current Haywood County High School Students

Exhibit Submission Form Due Date:  Sunday, March 31 by Midnight

Drop Off Date & Time: Tuesday, April 9 from 10 am – 5 pm. Parents may drop off artwork for students. 

Exhibit Date: April 20 from 5 – 8 pm at The 37 Venue Church Street Waynesville NC

Pick-Up Date: April 30 from 10 am to 5 pm. Parents may pick-up artwork for students. 

Exhibit Description: Wings are used by animals and in man-made vehicles. They provide lift and propulsion through the air. Artists let their creativity take fight in an exhibit to dazzle and delight us!

Please Note: You will fill out the above form for each piece you’re submitting for the above exhibit. You need to submit a NEW form per piece. As an example, if you’re submitting three pieces, you will fill this form out three times. Artists may submit up to three pieces; however, HCAC cannot guarantee all pieces will be displayed at one time. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Gallery Protocols at the bottom of THIS WEBPAGE and ensure your artwork meets all of them. 

Exhibit Protocols

The goal of the Haywood County Arts Council Haywood Handmade Gallery is to promote HCAC artist members’ handmade work. Please review carefully!


Artists must be a current Haywood County High School Student

Jury & Fees:

  • No jury for exhibits
  • No exhibit entry fees


HCAC reserves the right to refuse any work they deem unacceptable.

  • Artists must complete the exhibit submission form, before the deadline. Please note: Fill out the form for each piece you’re submitting for the above exhibit. You need to submit a NEW form per piece. As an example, if you’re submitting three pieces, you will fill this form out three times. 
  • Once the exhibit submission form is completed, no changes may be made. Such as price, title, etc.
  • Please ensure all work is appropriate for all ages.
  • Demonstrates creativity, originality, and excellence in design
  • Work is saleable and for sale
  • Each piece is individually made by the artist
  • Each piece is capable of maintaining its structural integrity over time

Installation Process & Requirements:

  • Artists may submit up to three pieces of wall or pedestal artwork per exhibit with the exception of jewelry in which the artist can submit up to five pieces.
  • The volunteer install crew considers size, colors, and themes when hanging each exhibit.
  • The total number of artworks varies from exhibit to exhibit. The volunteer installation crew tries to install all artworks. If space does not allow everything to be installed, pieces will be stored on site and displayed as replacement pieces until the exhibit close date. With this in mind, we try to hang at least two to three from each artist, unless an artist submits multiple large pieces. In which case one would be hung.
  • If a piece is larger than 36 inches in any direction, the artist must email the Art & Gallery Manger ( for approval.
  • Pieces must be “Installation Ready” see below section.

Installation Ready:

Two Dimensional, Wall Hanging Pieces:

  • Frames, mats, acrylic, backing and writing must be high quality, clean, neat, and secure.
  • Ability to hang piece such as wire, clasp or for quilts, a bar or rod of some kind that can adhered to the wall is provided.
  • Sides of unframed canvas’ must be finished.

Three Dimensional, Jewelry, Sculptures and Pottery:

  • All work must have a stable, neat, and secure way to stand on its own accord.
  • Fragile work and jewelry must come with appropriate packaging materials.