Myron Carter

Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, a lot of my influences came from the fringes of suburban, rural, and coastal life.   I started drawing at an early age, but I got my first degree in theatre arts education.  I spent most of my life teaching theatre arts, visual arts, and English.  Before retiring, I spent the last three years as the theatre arts and visual arts education consultant for North Carolina.

Most of my subjects are based on rural life and nature, but I try to explore beyond that and love that which is nostalgic or old such as old barns and structures.  I try not to “get into a rut” and use my training in improvisation to try something different every now and then.  

I have worked with more than a few mediums, but I now mostly do woodburning on a variety of surfaces (wood plaques, walking sticks, and boxes), colored pencils, and drawing with graphite pencils because I seem to have a passion for drawing.  Another secondary interest is in photography.