Lori Axelrod

Lori has found her creative spirit and voice thru Polymer Clay and Mixed Media.  The intensely saturated colors and the details that she can achieve with polymer clay, combined with the wonderful tactile experience of the clay that has her hooked. She incorporates mixed media products because there are no boundaries, no limit to what she can use to tell her story. 

The focal point of most pieces is made from polymer clay which is textured with carving tools, stamps and enhanced with oil paint.  The background paper is created using different mixed media gels  and then layered and ripped. The canvas is prepared with layers of fluid acrylics and textured in order to complement the focal point.  The piece usually sits on the easel for several days until the piece communicates her  vision.  

Lori lives in Hendersonville NC and draws inspiration from its majestic natural beauty and the calm and happiness that it brings to her soul.