Linda Gilchrist

I am a fairly new artist, having begun working in watercolor after retiring from a 37-year healthcare career in 2022. Painting was something I always wanted to do but was delayed during all those years raising and supporting myself and child as a single parent. I am self-taught, primarily through YouTube tutorials, online classes, and a daily painting ritual. In the summer of 2023 I began working in acrylics as well.  I love watercolor for it’s ability to create gorgeous glowing transparency. The technical aspect of it is very challenging but wow, the results are stunning. I like acrylic for its more forgiving quality and it is surprisingly versatile, ie you can thin and use it almost like watercolor or thinken and enjoy the freedom I find in palette knife techniques. I am inspired by the many beautiful places I have lived prior to landing in Waynesville to create landscapes that reflect the beauty of nature. I particularly like to create brilliant skies, light effects and water reflections. In addition to painting I enjoy mosaics and making broken China jewelry.