Leo Woods

I began my relationship with sculpting at 9 years old. The kids down the block were building a dragon world of battles, complex relationships, tidy villages, and epic journeys across the wilds of our suburban backyards in Houston, Texas. Joining them, in my young brain, was a privilege worthy of highest priority.

Eventually, the kids down the block went to high school, moved away, and became interested in other things. I kept sculpting dragons, finding my own broader wilds in the forests and mountains of Western North Carolina.

My techniques working with polymer clay have always been simple and intimate- my hands do most of the work, and where details smaller than a fingertip arise, I lean on toothpicks. The elasticity and firmness of polymer clay lend themselves well to tiny nuances while also holding integrity in large forms. For these reasons, I will always be deeply endeared to the medium.

My relationship with sculpture started as play, and will forever be play. As I have grown into adult identity, that play has taken on layers of conscious revolution. I lean in particular toward uplifting queer representation, trauma, and joy; constructing healing containers for grief and righteous anger; and finally toward unveiling treasured and little-seen pieces of the autistic experience. I work directly out of my home studio in Sylva, NC.