Kelly Owens

I have lived all over the world due to my father’s military service career. 

I was born in San Fransisco, raised in Florida, and spent many happy summers in Montana immersed in the grandeur of nature.  Before recently relocating to Waynesville, to be closer to my children, I called Key West home for the past dozen years or so.

I have been inspired by Nature since I was a child, noticing its boundless beauty and I have found ways to honor it by creating art that imitates its beauty.  Another way to honor nature is to re-purpose a byproduct of the sea; colorful, unique, sea glass. With one eye on the blue-green surf and the other on the long stretches of sandy beaches, I search out and collect a bounty of sea glass that was once discarded as trash and is now re-shaped, polished, and sculpted by the waves, sand, and wind.

Incorporating the sea glass into some of my fused glass pendants, I pattern all of my pieces to reflect water and nature. I love working with glass and turning tiny treasures from the ocean into amazing adornments.

For many years I’ve gotten my inspiration from the beautiful ocean, and now that I am here in North Carolina I’m finding new ideas and inspiration by hiking in the mountains and experiencing waterfalls.