Jeffrey Palmer

I’ve always sought creative outlets and upon retiring at the onset of the pandemic, I quickly opted to pursue a long-time goal of learning more about pottery. I have always possessed a respect for the diversity of expression that clay allows and wanted to take advantage of the amazing resources available here in western North Carolina.

I strive to embrace the unique character of clay and allow the making process to be evident in the final piece. There is a universe of possibilities in clay which inspires me towards experimentation and diversity in my work. Hopefully it allows for connection with a broader audience.

My work skews towards my intense love of color and geometric forms. I am most pleased with forms that have clear personalities and appear expressive or even funky. I typically work with high fire stoneware and porcelain clay bodies. Recently I’ve begun creating with the neriage and nerikomi techniques, methods pioneered by Japanese artists which opts to bypass the decorative components of glaze in favor of staining the clay itself.