Bob Child Photography

I’ve had a passion for photography for well over 40 years, and absolutely love living in Haywood County.  That passion combined with my love of every facet of nature, inspires me to find the “extraordinary” in the “ordinary”.  Maybe it’s a fleeting moment where I took but a single frame…or maybe it’s looking in close at shadows, lines, textures, etc. and shooting to my heart’s content.  Creativity and inspiration comes at me from all angles and times, so I love to be spontaneous, especially with portraits and weddings.  Lately, I’ve been pursuing my fine-art work of limited edition prints, each with their printed story.  I like to start each day with a blank canvas and let nature ‘happen’.

On the technical side, I am a Sony convert from Canon, and now shoot mirrorless.  Many moons ago I shot with an 8×10 Burke & James field camera with a 14” Commercial Ektar lens…I would say working in large format truly honed my “eye” and technical knowledge which to this day enhances me every time I shoot. For 24 years I was a TV meteorologist, with 4 years at The Weather Channel.  I’ve been flying under the ‘figurative’ radar with my photography and other art, but the time had arrived to be more visible and involved.  In addition to my photography services and prints, I also teach small classes and lead/drive on photographic tours of this wonderful region. My other passion is my Native-style flutes (Ugly Boys!) which you can find under the WOOD category.