Bethany Cullen

Haywood County has been home to my family for many generations. Being born and raised in Waynesville I was blessed to be able to be a product of the Central Elementary, Waynesville Middle School and Tuscola High School Art Departments where I had the best Art teachers I could ever have. I currently hold an A.A.S Degree from Southwestern Community College for Advertising and Graphic Design and a B.F.A. from Western Carolina University. 

The mysticism and my family history in these mountains inspires me. I live in my grandparents house in a cove and that and being out in creation I grew up in is like Monet being inspired by his garden at Givernry. Impressionism (especially Monet), Art Nouveau and Matisse are some of my favorites to study from. I love art history as well. Many people think that when you are a Graphic Designer you don’t study and practice Fine Art. Fine Art has helped me as a Graphic Designer in so many ways and I am thankful I had it all taught to me throughout my schooling. I love multiple mediums but while I was in high school and college I fell in love with pastels and charcoal. I feel creative freedom with them and can create expression I see and feel. If you want to blend you can or you can leave the lines you want. Over the past year I have really gotten into Quilling as well. My mom has been doing Quilling for for over 30 years and I grew up watching her design creations using this technique. Making intricate shapes with paper amazes me and I plan to combine quilling and pastels in my future work. 
Art is important and it will always be important to me. I want others to see what I see in creation and how these mountains are a part of me. The impressionist were obsessed with the “fleeting light” and I want others to see that there is a light out there in this troubled world and that we can have hope.