Artist Instagram Account


The mission of the Haywood County Arts Council is to promote artists, art education, and innovation in art. The vision of the HCAC is a community involved in the arts. HCAC’s Artist Instagram is another way to promote our artist members.

Contact: Lauren A. Medford, Marketing and Membership Coordinator,  or 828.452.0593

Purpose of the HCAC Artist Account: Promote our artist members and art education through our Instagram platform. The HCAC Artist Account is the secondary account for HCAC. 

The main HCAC Account: @HaywoodArtsCouncil

The HCAC Artist Account: @HCACArtists

What is an Instagram take-over? 

An Instagram take-over is the process of taking over another Instagram account (other than your own) temporarily and sharing content with their audience. An Instagram take-over is a great way for HCAC to collaborate and cross-promote content for the arts community in Haywood County! 


HCAC’s ultimate goal is to promote our artists. Instagram has become the best platform for artists to share their talents with the world! By participating in the Instagram take-over, you can reach a larger audience. We hope you will have an increased interest in your artwork as a result. HCAC provides this opportunity to our artists because we believe in you and your artwork. We want you and your artwork to represent HCAC in a respectable way and allow our followers to get to know more about your art-making process, inspirations, you, and the artwork itself! 

Your first post MUST be an introduction post which MUST include the following three things:

  1. Your name and studio or organization name (if applicable).
  2. Your Instagram handle (the name of your Instagram, for example, @LauraSellersArt) You may also include your website, Etsy, or Facebook for your artwork.
  3. A brief statement about you and your artwork including your medium.


Other posts after introduction post may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Images or videos of your art-making process and your studio/work area.
  2. Images of your artwork and a statement about the work.

Be sure your images are well framed and pay attention to your background, well-lit, clear, and professional.

Utilize Hashtags! Specific to your medium, process, location. It’s best to use hashtags at the end of your post.  

What is a hashtag?

A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media to identify digital content on a specific topic. Users follow certain hashtags and this is a good way to reach accounts beyond your “followers.” For example, if you want to use the phrase “Painters of Instagram,” you would type #PaintersofInstagram 

To keep consistency across all posts, please set-up your posts in the following manner:

  1. Main verbiage about image or video
  2. (ENTER)
  3. Hashtags


Hashtag Examples: #Waynesville #Art #ArtistsofInstagram #Oil #Painter #PaintersofInstagram #Landscape #LandscapePainting #Sun #SunShine

HCAC retains the right to delete and cancel the Instagram take-over at any time if the following occurs:

The following content is not permitted: Please remember you are representing HCAC and our audience includes families and children across the world!  

  • Profanity, including nonexclusive language or viewpoints
  • Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Nudity
  • Personal information about others without their permission
  • Business Promotions other than your own work or organization
  • Language or viewpoints about politics or policies


Account Information: Do not change or alter the account’s handle, password, or associated email account. Do not share the password with anyone. You are the only authorized user and you will be held accountable for all posts. If you forget the password, please contact HCAC’s marketing and membership coordinator. Do not reset the password.