By Madee Ku

January 12, 2023


2. Rain Garden in Waynesville, North Carolina

A new rain garden was installed behind the Haywood County Arts Council (HCAC) in western North Carolina in an area that was previously susceptible to being waterlogged during heavy rain events and becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos in warm weather. The new green infrastructure element not only slows rapid stormwater runoff, but also protects surrounding landscapes from erosion.

Morgan Beryl, Executive Director at HCAC, says:

“The Haywood County Arts Council feels it’s important to bring the community together around initiatives that highlight how art is not only something beautiful to hang on a wall, but can be found in everyday efforts like the design of a colorful garden. The native pollinator rain garden is a way for us to lead by example and encourage the preservation of the earth that gives us the opportunity and inspiration to be creative.” 

Learn more about Haywood County Arts Council here.

As a future project, HCAC recently applied for a second round of funding to add more plants and educational signage with QR codes that will link to the local community college plant information website.

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