T Ray Earnhardt

T Ray Earnhardt


My art has been an evolution – initially focused on useful everyday tools made by hand utilizing old-time methods (guns, bows, knives, arrowheads), to a more decorative aesthetic depicting scenes in nature. I am fascinated with critters and plant life and through photography and quiet moments of study, I recreate these scenes from recycled metal (old file cabinets, farm implements, tv tube glass) using fire from a torch or my hand built forge.

My artistic interests also include items derived from the French and Indian War (1750’s) and I participate in annual reenactments. Preserving and respecting the crafts or our past is a deeply rooted passion of mine and some of that definitely makes its way into my art work.

I encourage patrons to commission work from me that will inspire them and enhance their personal lives. Collaborations of this sort will only encourage new ideas for future pieces and continue the evolution.


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