Ty Lawrence

Ty Lawrence

My art is an expression of my soul. Each one is like a self-portrait of a dissected psyche. Although the figure may not look anything like me, it is a part of me. They represent my insecurities, my strength, my weakness, my delusions, my love and most of all, my endless sense of wonder. For me, looking at one of my paintings is like looking at a person in a dream. In the dream world, the person you are looking at seems like something separate from you, but once you wake up, you realize it was you, all the people in your dreams are actually just representations of some aspect of your personality, projected by your mind.

My style incorporates elements of my two favorite movements in art history which are art nouveau and the pre raphaelites. I channel my passion for these two periods as i combine them into 21st century expressionism. Because above all, i consider myself an expressionist painter. Though, some might not see it that way. I consider myself an expressionist because i am not trying to reflect reality, not at all. Any realism is in my paintings are coincidental. That is beside the point i was trying to make. I have no desire to copy reality.

My goal is to create something that has never been seen before. Something that only existed within my own mind. The purpose is to reflect humanity through the expression of my own experience of reality, that which is uniquely mine. Which is all that reality can be, for anyone, just a perspective.