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artist 2I have loved art since I was able to grasp a crayon. My bedroom as a child was adorned with sketches of my beloved cat and dog. In elementary school we were given transparencies in which to tell a story and I loved each image I could create and change to motion. No matter what I created it was received with acceptance, even praise and that is one thing as a child you never forget.

I was blessed with a family that supported the arts. My time was spent in chorus, pep rallies, ballet, tap and jazz. My parents were even den mother and father for the boy scouts and I being a girl scout was often jealous of their outdoor haunts. In being a member of the arts at a young age it taught me comradery, respect, and impressions of not just my own but of my kindred spirits. It allowed me escapism, unbinding creativity and most of all utter happiness.

cold-mtn-painting-600My favorite courses were always English, biology, drama, anatomy and art. I love to learn soaking up all I could. I took all honors classes to try harder. The homework was hard in all but art. For art to me was like a dessert that I never had tasted but wanted so very much. I often found ways in high school to use my creativity for assignments and was often asked to design posters or rosters for events.

My journey is filled with art in some many forms. My world is filled with memories made from the heart in art. I often say how art is named from more than half of the word heart for it always is in it. I continued art in college in Greensboro where I learned better ways to sculpt, paint and even make silver jewelry. Art is something that never leaves your mind even when you get distracted. It finds its way even in doodles under coffee mugs stained sheets for exams.

meggs-complete-5-reserved-6I continued my pursuit of my dreams in art through writing and even began creative writing classes at A.B. Tech. It was on my final exam that my teacher before I left introduced me to her husband. She made me feel not only special but understood. She was a Harvard graduate and encouraged me to continue my writing that last day of class. I kept my promise and write diligently.

I have a self published novel and poems for decades strewn across the cosmic internet under nom de plumes of various names on livejournal and wattpad. I now have an active blog and an active website . I am on twitter, and pinterest and as a comic geekster on worldcosplay. I still sing, I still dance, I still love to write and draw. I commend artists always.

serenity-13-best-600The arts once they are inside of you never die unless you blow out that flame. In my lifetime I have witnessed so many freedoms taken away but art always endures. My unwavering promise in my art is that it must all be created up on Cold Mountain. That precious mountain has endured just as my mother’s legacy endures. I need not but look up always for my inspiration. My blog explains more of my mother and Vicki’s Ridge in Haywood County where I paint if you are curious. My life is lots of journals, open books and loads of painted canvas.

My greatest hope being a self-taught/outsider/pleinair/blacksheep is that others be whatever they wish to be. The arts are for everyone, any age any pedigree. The arts are the world’s last refuge for us all. The arts allow us to express our inner soul without a harness, a blindfold or duct tape. The arts set us free.