Haidee Wilson

Haidee Wilson

IMG_2114_2-e1453922094175Artists, poets and writers of Eastern philosophy have made an enormous impact on my life and now thru the expressions of my artworks. It is the on going meditative quality in ‘Just Being’ that enriches and humbles me and is welcomed every time I step into my studio.It all started in 2010 with Brush painting, using the Chinese brush and watercolors. The pleasure of this kind of painting is not in the finished product but lies in the presence of mind needed for each and every brush stroke. Each brush stroke acts as a mirror to my internal state. The quality of the brush stroke is therefore seen as reflecting my inner most vitality, often times referred as Ch’I or vital energy. All is self-taught and over the past few years have merged into oils on canvas. It has been a delightful ongoing journey.

The invitation to all is to ‘Be’; this will open you to new discoveries.

Meditative Painting


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