Fay Teller Panico

Fay Teller Panico

Curiosity made me a painter.  At a later stage of my life, I ventured into a painting class and never looked back.  Could the creativity that I knew was in me show itself in paint, medium, brushes and canvas?  Absolutely!

Without formal art training, I was fortunate to learn to paint and understand the language of creativity from two extremely talented artists/instructors.

Initially a figurative and portrait painter, I fell in love with color.  When painting a portrait, the revelation of so many tones and hues to create the color of skin amazes me.  My fascination with color continued with landscapes, seascapes and sunset skies.

Exploring the color and texture of a painting excites me and leads me to my own interpretation of the subject.  This has led me into Abstract Expressionism.  This path is about trusting my instinct.

Being a painter in today’s complicated world gives me an opportunity to find a language and perhaps, a place of exploration.  Through my own voice as a painter, I will make visual statements. This is what my journey will continue to be.